Do I need an attorney to help with my Social Security/Disability Claim?

Social Security, in its Code of Regulations, (20CFR416.925, Appendix 1 subpart P of Parts 404) states that a claimant is presumed disabled if he/she “meets” or “equals” the Adult Listings in Part A.

What does this mean? How is this proven?

Consider the following scenarios:

The Judge at your disability hearing, asks you if you can lift and carry a gallon of milk from a shelf at eye level and put it on a table two feet behind you.

Why did the Judge ask that question? After you answer, do you need to have a follow up question or statement?

At the disability hearing, the Judge asks the attending Vocational Expert a hypothetical question about the availability of jobs in your area, based on physical and/or environmental limitations.

How does the answer of the Vocational Expert affect your claim? Can a Vocational Expert help your disability claim?

If you don’t understand the importance of the questions above and/or can’t answer them, you should consider having an attorney represent you for your disability claim.